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Sweet Cinema

This exquisite 7.1 THX certfied 12-chair; 121″ screen home theater, was designed and built above any standards.  Powered by THX certified Marantz pre-amps and Parasound amplifiers, and played through clean and crisp Klipsch THX speakers, anyone who sits in this room feels like they are a part of the movie, especially with the help of the 3D JVC projector.

When the movie begins, and the lights dim, sound is portrayed across the room and off the Cascade Audio acoustic treatments on the walls as well as on the ceiling that has a SB vinyl barrier provided by Cascade Audio behind the drywall.  Luxury seating provides excellent comfort and support and makes the viewing of the movie more than a want to watch, but an experience to watch.

HTS got involved early in the design of this room, before the walls were even finished.  The design process created a 3D rendering of the finished room before one nail was put in.  Once the clients approved the design, the construction started.  The finished product is an awe-inspiring theater enjoyed by the family on a regular basis.

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