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Home Technology Solutions provides simple to use audio and audio/video intercom communication systems.

Also known as voice intercoms, audio Intercoms have units in different parts of a home allowing communication between the all rooms in the home. Some audio intercoms can play music over the system. If you have a baby in the house, audio intercoms can be used as a baby monitor. This allows you to hear when the baby is crying or if the baby is sound asleep.

Video Intercoms have the same capabilities as their voice/audio-only counterparts but in addition to voice or audio communication, they allow you to see what activities are going on in different part of the home via a small video screen. This is a great tool for families with kids. Parents or other adult family members can check your kids while they are playing in their room or backyard while they are making dinner in the kitchen. Video intercoms are also useful to find out who is at the door before opening it. Some sophisticated video intercom systems allow you to unlock your front door from a different location.