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Remote Access

Home Technology Solutions mobile solutions allows you to monitor and control all aspects of your home while you are away.  Control lights, security, audio, temperatures, webcams, garage and entry/exit doors, gates, etc on handheld mobile devices, such as PDAs, Smartphones, or other devices.

  • Expecting a delivery but no one is home to receive it?  No problem.  Open and close the garage door remotely.
  • Kids got home from school?  Receive a text or email when they open the door and/or turn off the security system.
  • Forgot to arm your security system when you left?  Do it from your phone.
  • Did you remember to close the garage door?  Get a text message as you drive away.  Arm it from your phone.
  • Coming back from a long vacation and want to reset your thermostats the day before? Again, all from your vacation home or phone.
  • An alarm at the home?  Connect and turn on all of the lights, inside or out.  Check on the cameras remotely from your phone.
  • Want to have some fun with the dog or cat?  Turn on and off TVs, music, lighting, all from your office?  Watch them on camera.  Also great for the kids.
  • Running late at the office?  Unlock and open the back door to let the dog out.
  • Refrigerator stopped working or door left open?  Get a text message or email.
  • Need to pre-heat your over, or turn it off?  All from your phone or any computer.