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Renewable Energy

Clean, efficient and earth friendly…everyone’s desire for the energy we use in our daily lives.  As industry makes rapid advancements within the renewable energy field, Home Technology Solutions, in partnership with Residential Technologies, stays on the forefront of new developments to ensure that our customers receive the most efficient system possible.  And that is no small task given the pace of change in the solar photovoltaic’s as scientists and engineers around the world seek new ways to achieve more electrical power production from the sun.

Since Residential Technologies specializes in the electrical field, electricity generated from the sun is a good fit for their team as the design, installation, utility interconnect and commissioning of any PV system is regulated by primarily Article 690 of the National Electrical Code.  The Residential Technologies’ Unlimited Electrical License coupled with Home Technology Solutions experience in Energy Monitoring and Management, provides us the ability to work on any solar project of any size, capacity and voltage, so you can rest assured every installation is safe and meets or exceeds NEC requirements.  Together, we obtain all permits and inspections as well as work with the local power company to allow your home to become an authorized generating facility.

Photovoltaic devices use semiconducting materials to convert sunlight directly into electricity.  Solar radiation, which is nearly constant outside the Earth’s atmosphere, varies with changing atmospheric conditions (clouds and dust) and the changing position of the Earth relative to the sun.  Nevertheless, almost all U.S. regions have useful solar resources that can be accessed. North Carolina is in a middle latitude and any south facing surface that is not shaded can become a platform for solar panels that convert the sunlight to Direct Current electricity. An inverter changes the DC to AC that can be then fed into the existing electrical grid.