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Audio and Video Distribution


Whether you are looking to hang a TV on a wall to distribute music and movies throughout your home and hide all of the equipment in a closet – we can take care of it.

Audio/video distribution means enjoying your music, movies, or shows in any rooms of the home.  You could be enjoying cable TV in the living room, your children can be watching a movie in the family room, and your spouse could be sitting outside on the deck listening to their favorite music on their iPod, all with the equipment in one location keeping the clutter from each room.

The benefits of audio and video distribution are many:

  • Elegant control for simple operation of complex systems
  • Streamlined design for efficient use of components
  • Reduced costs from elimination of infrequently used cable/satellite boxes by every TV
  • All unsightly equipment concealed in a central location
  • Ease of serviceability by having all components centralized
  • Pause movie or show in one room and continue watching in another